A quote from Master Choa Kok sui.

"Success is a manifestation of your growth and development. Success shows the degree to which you have mastered the teaching."

Master Choa Kok Sui. (2012)
Achieve the Impossible:
The Golden Sutras on the Science of Prosperity and Spiritual Business Management (3rd Ed.) , page 33.

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The Institue for Inner Studies salute with great joy and love all the souls -- the Arhatic Yoga students -- who physically travelled from all over the world to participate in the recent Arhatic Yoga Retreat held on the November 2-6, 2017 in Greece.

The presence and leadership by Master Choa Kok Sui's beloved Stephen Co and Hector Ramos magnificently transformed the tremendous downpour of divine energy of the group meditations and blessings for all those present, the environment and all sentient beings. Thank you, Master Hector and Master Stephen for your loving and generous delivery of our Teacher's spiritual teachings and blessings. Thank you to all the organizers, lead by RAMA in Greece and their many student helpers. As our beloved Teacher, Master Choa taught us, service physicalises the virtues. Service develops the spiritual muscles. Group service increases the individual's inner strengths, peace and harmony in serving others, and as a group become a more powerful shining example of humble channel of God's and the Teacher's countless blessings.

May the divinely blessed wholesome group energy of the recent retreat serve as turbo shot in bringing the spiritual teachings of Master Choa to all the eight directions of the earth.

To all of you, Atmas, namaste

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Gaur Gopal Das
Lessons from a PENCIL (Part 3)
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A quote from Master Choa Kok Sui.

"What is important, is to understand; --not to agree or disagree."

Master Choa Kok Sui. (2011).
Beyond the Mind: The Golden Lotus Sutras on Meditation, page 26

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